“Actions taken on a daily basis form a sequence of events that define a company. OTO cares passionately about our team members, customers, and the communities in which we operate. Whether designing environmentally friendly new hotels or helping others in our communities, we intend to be an active participant in efforts to make the world a better place.”

Corry Oakes
President and Chief Executive Officer
OTO Development, LLC


Environmental Responsibility

OTO Development’s commitment to being an environmentally conscious developer and operator begins in the design and construction phase. Every new hotel we build and every hotel we renovate is done with a focus on incorporating various elements to reduce our impact on the environment.

We work with architects, development managers, and contractors to maximize resource conservation, waster minimization, and environmentally-friendly systems. With all new construction, we are committed to achieve LEED certified status at a minimum, and 14 of our current properties are at least LEED certified. Some other examples of “green” design elements we incorporate into our projects include:

  • Rain sensors to ensure landscape watering is turned off during rain
  • Low-flow plumbing to reduce water usage in showers, sinks, and toilets
  • White roofs to help reduce heat absorption and decrease energy usage
  • Use of recycled materials for construction, and recycling construction waste
  • Native vegetation and eco-friendly landscaping
  • Energy efficient lighting and room master switches to reduce usage

Beyond implementing eco-friendly construction strategies, OTO continues its commitment into the operation of its properties. Our hotel associates are committed to sustainability, which is shown through their processes and procedures to support being environmentally conscious. We strive to achieve a green certification or energy star rating in every hotel we operate. Some examples of the green efforts made at the operational level by our associates include:

  • Responsible use of cleaning chemicals and light-touch room cleaning for stay over guests
  • Recycling stations for guests and associates
  • Compact fluorescent lighting and seasonal thermostat settings
  • Compressed natural gas shuttle vans
  • Occupancy sensing thermostats

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